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An interview with Nicole Menten

Cornacchino - A Family away from home

Dear Nicole, you are a woman who has seen the world. You have worked and been active in different countries. Cornacchino is a place you have visited more often than any other. You have been here 15 times in the last 20 years. What made you come here?

For me, Cornacchino is the embodiment of love for animals and nature. Because here I am not just "another tourist" (with 35 years of riding experience) but an individual who is also perceived as such. And not only I am perceived as an individual, but also the animals. What the horses give and get here is in a very good balance for me. 

I experience a time-out here that no other place offers in this quality. It is an oasis far away from everyday life where I find my centre. As a coach, I work a lot with people. Here I can switch off, recharge and find completely new ways to myself again.

What I remember most: the first time I was here, the evening light filled the forest like gold. "It was as if heaven had kissed the earth silently."  I was enchanted by that. 

For me, Cornacchino is also a community with a heart. Like "Family away from home". Warm-hearted people work here, who greeted me personally after my first visit. Meanwhile, some of the team even remember my dog's name or his birthday! Everyone is present. Kitchen, stable, back office. The founders Giulio, Ezio and Fabio are also there and approachable, sharing their knowledge. I haven't experienced that anywhere else. 

And yes, love goes through the stomach. The wonderful cuisine at Cornacchino is one of the important reasons for me to keep coming back. Here, the food is still alive when it comes to the table. By this I mean that it is clearly perceptible that the ingredients are fresh. Much of the food comes from our own vegetable gardens. Cooking is done with love. 

If Cornacchino were a painting representing a feeling, then...?
It would be smiling people together around the fireplace and the dining table. They tell each other about their daily adventures. The understanding overcomes all language barriers by understanding each other through gestures. The common denominator is the love of animals and nature. This is where we get to know each other.

If cornacchino were a dish, then...
... it would be light and love, because cooked with dedication. The vegetables come from their own gardens and each dish is nutritious in many ways!

If cornacchino were a smell, then....
Is it freshly brewed coffee... Awakening, homey and inviting....
I always stay in the "Acero" room. This is located directly above the kitchen. This is where the aroma of the kitchen especially soars. When I smell the aroma of this coffee in the morning, I am happy, because it means another day on Cornacchino!