Agriturismo Cornacchino
Castell'Azzara, 58034

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Since 1992, horses, nature and good food!

The concept of the Cornacchino was born from a great passion for horses by its three founders:Ezio, Giulio, Fabio instructors and guides for over 30 years.

We discovered 30 years ago this magical place in this part of unknown Tuscany, full of natural beauty and surrounded by wonderful landscapes and villages; we loved it and we created what is now Cornacchino.

We invite you to share the magic atmosphere of this beautiful place with us!

"The Cornacchino" is nestled in a secluded valley in the natural park of "Monte Penna". Our pasture is surrounded by vast forests of chestnut, oak, beech and pine trees where you can meet roe, wild boar, porcupines, badgers and sometimes even deer.

On the surrounding hills, are grazing sheep, Chianina cows and a herd of wild horses.

You can see, on clear days, the sea and the Giglio island, the Apennines mountains, Bolsena lake, and sometimes the Montecristo isle.

Our horses live in small herds on 100 hectares of pasture land, in complete accord with their natural needs.

We have particular attention to respect for nature and horses which we consider as partners and colleagues in our adventure.

The Staff

Our hospitality is familiar and informal.

Ezio Boschetti

Born in Folgaria, Trento, has been working with horses and equestrian vacations since 1982. He speaks Italian, English, and Spanish. A certified FITEEC-ANTE guide and an environmental equestrian, he works in public relations, the office and general management of the establishment.

Fabio Tascone

Born in Tripoli, Lybia, has been working with horses and equestrian vacations since 1980. He speaks Italian and English. He is a certified FITEEC-ANTE guide, environmental equestrian, DWA, and farrier teacher for the Flying Anvil Fondation, and he oversees horse care, lessons, training, horse-shoeing, promotion, and general management of the establishment.

Giulio Costi

Born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, has been working with horses since 1986. He speaks Italian and English. A certified FITEEC-ANTE guide and an environmental equestrian, he works with the horses, with trekking excursions, and helps to manage the establishment.


Born in the Italian part of Switzerland, she has been with us since 2006. Her job involves office works and receiving our guests. Speaks Italian, German, English, and French.

Gianluca Di Benedictis

From Abruzzo, Italy. He has been working in Cornacchino since 2021 as barkeeper and welcoming our guests at the reception. He speaks Italian & English and he is also an Environmental Guide.


Sie stammt aus Kalabrien und hat Anfang der 2000er Jahre in unserem Restaurant an der Seite von Letizia gearbeitet. Nach weiteren Praktika, auch in anderen Restaurants der Region, kehrte sie Ende des Sommers 2022 ins Cornacchino zurück und leitet seither unsere Küche, um uns mit ihren exquisiten Gerichten zu erfreuen.


From Calabria, Italy. She helps Rosalba in the kitchen.


From Florence, Tuscany. An environmental equestrian guide, she has worked many seasons as an operator in WWF summer camps here at Cornacchino, becoming in 2007 "horse woman" for those camps. From 2007 she works full-time at the Cornacchino as a guide. She has become mother in December 2008 works with us now part-time. She speaks Italian, English and Spanish.


From Germany. She has worked with us on and off since 1991. An environmental equestrian guide, FITEEC-ANTE, Brain Gym and Cavalgiocare operator, she is involved with lessons, with activities involving both Italian- and German-speaking children, and trail rides. She speaks German, Italian, and English.

Giorgio Lisi
Lisa Dell'Anna
Alessandro Dettori

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