Agriturismo Cornacchino
Castell'Azzara, 58034

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Start and Training of colts and horses

Good basic training is the basis of a relationship of mutual and long-lasting confidence. 

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Natural Western Riding Course

The course offers a method to approach the Natural Western riding style. Here we will develop the rider’s body sense into that of a cowboy, thus facilitating the communication with…

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Farriery course

In this course, we learn the basics of shoeing and the anatomy of the horse's hoof. As well, to learn to recognize horse perpendiculars and defects. Also, understanding when and…

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Ranch Week

Riding like the cowboys and cowgirls do. Enjoy a glimps of a cowboys life in our "Working Ranch Week". Learn how to work with a horse as your partner and…

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Mountain Trail Courses

Walking a horse across spaced logs, opening and closing a gate, crossing a bridge or riding through a tunnel, even riding over a low seesaw...

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Riding Holidays

2 hours per day: Enjoy riding in the beautiful surroundings of our farm. Quiet and safe horses, expert guides, fantastic panoramas, wild nature, fresh forests, mountain air, and pure relaxation…

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Intensive riding

This weekly program is for those who want to ride every day both morning and afternoon.

This program is available throughout the season.

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Taste of Trekking

This weekly program is ideal for those approaching the world of horse trekking for the first time. It starts with splendid walks at the Cornacchino to end the week with…

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Special Week-end

Treat yourself a horseback riding weekend, surrounded by nature.

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The whole family on horseback

Cornacchino is the ideal place to spend a family holiday under the banner of the horse.

From the age of 10, your children can accompany you on rides in the…

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Two Lakes

From Tuscany to Lazio, On the banks of the large volcanic lake of Bolsena, the Via Francigena with its views of the lake, the fishing villages, the small and wild…

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Mini Etruscan Trail

Riding-outs at Cornacchino and a little bit of Etruscan Trail. A combination of riding-outs at Cornacchino and short Etruscan trail, during which we explore the ancient paths of the Etruscans…

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Etruscan Trail

We explore the ancient paths of the Etruscans, the early inhabitants of Italy - long before the age of the Roman empire. We ride from the mountain pastures of Cornacchino…

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Maremma Trail (in tend or land hotels)

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Riding & Swimming Trail

This trail combines history with fun. We explore the ancient paths of the Etruscans, the early inhabitants of Italy - long before the age of the Roman empire, but also…

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