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Review and thanks

**From the heart a good end to this year - Merry Christmas!**

The summer was great. 
The autumn was colourful. 
Everyone is well: dog, cat, mouse, horse & human.

We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are also doing well during this very special time.
The moment to review, pause and refocus is now: We thank all of you who have continued to animate and grace our place with your presence this year.
We thank you for your visit, your loyalty and your many forms of support. 

By doing so, you help us to keep this wonderful place of Cornacchino alive. A place where we can relax and unwind.
Through contact with the horses and with nature, we can find a little more of ourselves and make new contacts.
Experiencing golden hours of happiness together on horseback or on foot under the open sky tent or the big canopy of the wide treetops across meadows, fields, rivers and lakes on old paths New things.
And it just goes on and on........

With your friends and families, we wish you a Merry Christmas, a good time between the years and a happy New Year!
Much strength, confidence, trust and empathy. May you all be happy and experience joyful hours together during this special time! Take good care of yourselves! We look forward to the next season with you!

Best wishes,
The Cornacchino Team