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A winter day at Cornacchino, is this how you imagine it?

The rooms are empty, the kitchen is empty, the fireplace is out and the horses are not saddled. The Cornacchino is in hibernation. But even in winter we are sometimes quite busy. The horses have to be cared for and trained, there is a lot of work to be done in the office, and where necessary repairs and renovations are made. Let's take a look at a winter day at Cornacchino ...

Love and passion between animals.

Lucky is lovesick.

Constantino and Florina (his owners) are visiting family in Romania and Lucky is with friends in Acquapendente. At the Cornacchino, his beloved, the beautiful big dog Ginger, is anxiously awaiting his return under Ezio's desk. But Lucky doesn't really like long-distance relationships, even if they are temporary. Without further ado, our black and white Casanova escapes and sets off on a 25-kilometre journey home. The road is long and dangerous: aggressive boars, cars and trucks could quickly put an end to the plan. Fortunately, following his nose and heart, Lucky arrives at the Cornacchino without injury. What joy! The adorable adventurer is beside himself and barks his way across the courtyard, happy and proud of his achievement. Is Ginger impressed by his brave act? Perhaps a little. But all this exuberance is getting on someone else's nerves....

Office paperwork

Ezio sits in the office trying to work.

Outside the door, the dogs are celebrating their surprising reunion. The flurry of animals makes concentration impossible. Ezio curses. However, he is less bothered by the happy barking than by the Italian bureaucracy. Now, in winter, he has to deal mostly with paperwork. A lot of paperwork. What documents have the authorities needed since last year? What new requirements must be observed in the coming season? By the way, the programme for 2022 is set and many guests have already announced their arrival. Even Sandy is now often in the office, juggling dates, booking times and extra requests. Waiting for guests is motivating! So even the unpleasant paperwork can be dealt with quickly. We also need to find a stallion for our Amiatine donkeys, so that we can have donkeys again at Cornacchino. While Ezio searches through the documents for the contact details of friendly breeders, the white Landrover passes by outside and briefly honks its horn...

Horses on winter holiday

Doris and Benedetta are on their way to the stable.

It has snowed during the night. They have just arrived from Selvena. There, below Castell'Azzara, most of our horses have taken up their winter quarters. Now they are enjoying three months of relaxing "holiday", recovering energy after a busy summer and recharging their batteries. On the extended paddocks they find grasses rich in nutrition and energy even under the thin blanket of snow. Every day we bring them feed and if necessary hay, check the water troughs and make sure they are well. Those that need extra care spend a few days in the barn, but fortunately the 'infirmary' has been empty most of the winter. It's only when they need to be shod that things come alive again in the 'Stable' and the familiar deng deng of the anvil resounds through the valley. The grass in the pastures around the Cornacchino now has time to grow until we bring the horses back for the arrival of the guests.

Dodo and Bene have to deal with today's four fugitives...

Fabio also falls from his horse

We have to take Zizù, Pelù, Ben and Amos back to their paddock.

The quartet has once again escaped from the herd without permission and is now snoozing happily in the sun at the Roccaccia di Montevitozzo. Fabio discovered them there in the morning on his way to check the paddock fences. The check ride is also a way to train and coach the horses. There is more time for this in the winter months. However, there are many unforeseen events. When horse and rider passed a bathtub used as a drinking trough, the water pipe suddenly gave a powerful and noisy blast of air and the frightened horse suddenly jumped to the side. And Fabio found himself on the ground. Fortunately, nothing serious happened. The diagnosis: a painful muscle tear in the thigh with a large haematoma and the knowledge that even good riders fall off horses.

Editing and texts by Karen Sehling and Isabelle Zahradnyik