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ILARIO - Thanks from the bottom of our hearts

Ilario, our gardener, passed away on 14 Juny 2022 at the age of 79 years of age. He was a very important person for Cornacchino. Already as a child he came to Castell'Azzara with his parents and also explored the vastness of our beloved Cornacchino. As a teenager he began to work here as a gardener. He dedicated his whole life to this piece of land and knew it like the back of his hand. "He was the one who greeted us warmly, welcomed us and also integrated us into the village community," Fabio, Ezio and Giulio recount.

"When I first came to Cornacchino, I slept outside and was curiously woken up in the morning by Ilario. He asked who I was and what I wanted here. When he heard the idea of Cornacchino as an agriturismo with horses, he was thrilled and immediately offered his help. He was happy to see someone reviving the land." 

We mourn him. "Now I won't see Ilario in his Ape anymore!" said a former co-worker and friend.

Yes, Ilario and his Ape were a daily event that made your heart swell. 

Yet he is present now. Not only in our hearts, but also in all the plants, trees and flowers. He left his love and his very own signature in this piece of land that he cherished.
He was the first to welcome us and supported us energetically for over three decades. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your work.
Without you, Cornacchino would not be what it is now.