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The way to a man's heart is through his stomach

Times of upheaval and request

Great upheavals are also taking place in Cornacchino. Some of you need to be especially strong now. Some of you may already have heard it: It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our two great cooks, Rosalba and Deborah, after 18 years of the best Mareman cuisine, into a well-deserved retirement and sabbatical.
Our heartfelt thanks go to these two wonderful women and their love of culinary creations, which we have literally had the pleasure of tasting. 

Dear Rosalba, dear Deborah, 
Thank you so much for your savoury and sweet treats that have enriched our lives. Special thanks also for your tireless commitment and dedication to making us deliciously spoilt - especially over the last two years and all their editions.
With all our love! We will miss you very much! 

Who knows who?

We are currently looking through all channels for new cooks and an assistant cook for the coming season (mid-March to mid-December 2022).
Therefore, we also want to activate your networks: Who knows of chefs who are passionate about their work and would like to contribute their skills, commitment and cordial exchange with our guests in our unique family atmosphere?  We are oriented towards good quality in every respect - the seasonal potential of our gardens as well as simple, Italian cuisine from the heart.
Cornacchino is heart and family.

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