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What else happened? The drought, care and welfare of our animals

We struggled with extremely dry months. This was very unusual and intense. Our pastures were already parched in June. Everywhere you looked, grass dried up. There were small fires in the nearby area, which fortunately spared us and were quickly recovered! The grass was replaced by hay and concentrated feed, the prices of which were rising due to current events. Water was scarce and our wells at their limit. But food and supply prices were also rising. A song we all know too well - especially this year. For this season, we have been able to hold our prices for you. [However, anyone who can and would like to, is warmly encouraged to support us. Every donation helps and is money well spent in maintaining our Cornacchino and the welfare of our animals.](

Challenges for us and our horses

Unfortunately, due to the heat and drought, we had to deal with an unusually high number of cases of piroplasmosis. This disease is transmitted by ticks and affects horses in particular. Among other things, it causes severe fever and depression. It was sometimes a matter of life and death. Fortunately, all affected horses survived - thanks to the efforts of Fabio and his team at the stable. That cost us a lot of time and effort.

New inhabitants on four legs

We hear the play of the wind in the trees and the splashing of water in our fountains. Kites sing the song of their longing. Familiar noises sound from the blacksmith's shop: Fabio is shoeing horses for the next track. The wind carries the laughter of our guests to the stable. But there is something else to be heard. A sound unusual for Cornacchino. A long contented "Muuuu-h!" sounds from the pastures. What cows on Cornacchino?
Yes, that's right! Since May this year, three white Maremma cows have been grazing next to horses in the pastures. Now Fabio is not only training horses, but also cows! See for yourself: 

There is also a new arrival among the donkeys. The donkey stallion Guildo has been with us since April and was allowed to visit our donkey mares. With a bit of luck there will be offspring next year...

Two farewells

Farlaf, one of our oldest horses, said goodbye to us this year. He died happily and contentedly in our pastures at the age of 32. 
We also had to let Tunder go this year with a heavy heart. He got a strong horse kick and broke his left hind leg. We are very sad about the loss of these two horses and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their loyal friendship and work.