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Daily life - News from Cornacchino August 2021

Dear friends,

welcome to our new Cornacchino newsletter!
Watch out, exciting things to discover:


Let's go! Listen to this audio.

Dive into the actual atmosphere of our beloved Cornacchino. What story do these sounds tell? What colors, smells and melodies?
What time of day do you think they were recorded and at what exact location in Cornacchino? What is happening here right now and what associations do you have with it? 

Cornacchino - a place of soul and longing for many. Where are you?

Everything is blooming, whinnying, snorting and humming. There are butterflies fluttering lightly buoyed by the gentle breeze of the wind. The surrounding forests still bear a lush green. This year, many things are different. Here and there the broom still blooms in bright yellow. At the moment, we are eagerly waiting for the rain.

Some voices sound, sing and chirp around the barn. The swallows are still with us. "Zi-witt, zi-witt" they draw their circles flying. The crickets tirelessly chirp their song of summer.

At night, fireflies glow across the expanse of the paddock. In the moonlight, the nightingale's song can be heard even more clearly. 

Every morning we call the horses from the pastures to the stable. Hoof beats - powerful, proudly trotting - our wonderful horses. (...)

But our hearts weigh heavy. Something is different this year. Something is missing.
That is you!

This place is like a magical big picture. It is made up of many little pieces. Like a mosaic or the picture of a kaleidoscope. So it is clearly perceptible that you are missing this year. Just as you sometimes need this place to balance your daily life and your soul life, Cornacchino needs you now!

Last year we were able to bridge the lack of subsidies because of your visit and your numerous support. Thank you again for that! This year it is precarious for us. Due to our winter break, we didn't get enough Corona subsidies from the state. This is devastating for our horses and our guest operation, especially since the opening ban hit us hard this spring as well. We need you now so that Cornacchino can be here for you for a long time to come.

Even if the current situation seems to be unclear for various reasons, we ask you to seriously consider a vacation at Cornacchino and book directly! By doing so, you will help us.

  • The journey is often less complicated than it seems.
  • The incidence levels of Corona are remarkably low in our immediate area.
  • Our hygiene procedure and disinfection is very well worked out.
  • And don't worry: If you are unable to make your booked trip due to the pandemic, it is possible to make up the trip at a later date.
  • We will do everything in our power to make sure you have a safe stay full of wonderful Cornacchino experiences.  

If you are unable to visit us this summer, but would still like to help Cornacchino - your donations are more than welcome. Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference for us and our horses. You can donate easily here:  Link vita Serena

Please help us to survive! 
We are waiting for your bookings!
Book now!

Editing and texts by Karen Sehling and Isabelle Zahradnyik, photos by Diana Balzer, Karen Sehling, Tanja Lücke.