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Fabio's new course

Natural Western Riding & Leadership

Intuitive and natural being and working with the horse

From time immemorial, the horse has exerted a great fascination on us humans. Our evolution is closely linked to that of the horse: it served our ancestors as a farm animal and a loyal friend. Moreover, it is deeply psychologically interwoven in the roots of our myths and archetypes.

But we often misunderstand this legendary animal in its perception, its needs and its own evolution.

This is where Fabio's course comes in: By interactively imparting well re-found knowledge through groundwork, observation, theory and putting this knowledge into practice in the saddle, we not only get to know the animal better, but also ourselves. How do I communicate clearly with the horse? What does it feel? How do I establish good contact, first with myself and then with the horse, in order to establish good cooperation between us?

Through the direct reflection of the horse, unconscious psychological and physical attitudes are made conscious to us.

Fabio combines his knowledge for the first time in one course. He has been in direct contact with horses from an early age. Thus, he has acquired a lot of knowledge through his own testing and experience. "I have learned a lot from these impressive animals" he says and smiles. After all, he has focused his life on these animals and teaching his encounter with the horse.  

The essence of the course is how to establish and refine natural and authentic leadership in contact with the horse.

Through work on the ground, observation, theory and work in the saddle, we get to know better not only the horse but also ourselves.

This is a unique opportunity to be in authentic and true contact with oneself through the horse.

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