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Shinrin Yoku - Forest bathing - Relaxation for body and mind

Shinrin Yoku literally means "bathing in the forest". It is about consciously experiencing our being in the atmosphere of the forest, often combined with beneficial relaxation exercises. Slowly this practice is establishing itself in our latitudes. We invite you to an intensive,healing bath in nature.

Cornacchino - an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Here in Cornacchino we are surrounded by mountain ridges, valleys, richly varied flora and fauna in vast forests of all kinds. As far as the eye can see - trees, meadows, sky. Where, if not here, can we immerse ourselves in the wondrous world of the forest? Breathe fresh air - breathe a sigh of relief. Consciously perceive the diverse smells, color nuances of trees, leaves, soils, grasses, stones with our senses, let them have an effect on us and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and recharge our batteries. But what exactly is forest bathing?

The forest is home for us humans. Evolutionarily, we have spent most of our time in the forest. The city is therefore a very young living environment for us. It is often too noisy, too fast, too hectic - simply too much. An environment in which we quickly become overstimulated and stressed in the long run.

The Japanese have long known about the healing effect of nature on us humans.

Since 1980, forest bathing has been practiced in Japan as a form of regenerative therapy and is also recommended by medical science as a preventive health measure. Studies prove the stress reducing and immune system strengthening effect on our organism. For example, messenger substances of the trees, so-called terpenes, stimulate the production of our killer cells, which help us to eliminate viruses.

How to bath in the forest?

In Shinrin Yoku, we take advantage of the pleasant atmosphere of the forest and consciously immerse ourselves in it - through slow walks with small movement and perception exercises. Whatever pleases is allowed. Guided forest bathing is about the mindful experience of this special space. The forest contains so many visible and invisible things. Itty-bitty as well as huge organisms that we can experience pleasantly and consciously with our senses. What do we remember when we are in the forest? Can we smell colors? Visualize roots and feel the atmosphere of light?

Isabelle, is an art and wilderness educator and guides interested forest bathers through a creative experience in the green. She knows the surrounding forests like the back of her hand and shares her wonderful favorite places with you. Shinrin Yoku is an enriching experience for families and small groups, but also a wonderful experience individually.

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Individually bookable (group or individual) Duration 2-3 hours

Editing and texts by Karen Sehling and Isabelle Zahradnyik.