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Trail to the Maremma National Park

The revival of an ancient path: from the mountains to the sea

From the heights of our beloved Monte Penna Reserve, we set off for the beaches of the Maremma Park - Parco dell'Uccellina. This is one of the most famous nature reserves in Tuscany. It is known for its deep-rooted symbolism of this region: the white Maremma cows, their butteri (cowboys) and the smell of pine forests along kilometres of sandy beaches. The journey is the destination, and with it unforgettable experiences.

With this we revive an old tradition in which once the herders of this region drove their animals from the mountains to the sea. We ride through ancient enchanted valleys, vineyards, olive groves and past the rivers Fiora and Albegna (with no other animals except our horses). The Maremma is experienced with all the senses: the hospitality of our friends who open their doors to us. We are allowed to let special delicacies melt in our mouths while enjoying a special drop of wine. Experience the past in the present and ride in wonder through ancient Etruscan sunken paths. Experience the smell of the ancient thermal springs around Saturnia, perhaps even on horseback. Let our gaze wander far and wide over the Mediterranean from the top of hills and experience a piece of unforgettable freedom.  
Giulio, who loves the tradition of this region and knows it like the back of his hand, has revived this trail at the request of our guests.

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