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Cornacchino Newsletter January 2023 - "The mists of Cornacchino"

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The present time is interwoven with contrasts. We experience heavy rains. In the mountains, small streams rush and gently sing the song of the elements. In the valley they form a force that eliminates forest paths and exposes old beech roots.

When the fog lifts, the beech forest with thousands and thousands of thinned tree crowns stretches over the mountain ridges down into the valley. On rare days, the lush green pasture contrasts with the cloudless, clear blue of the sky. Sunsets, like a greeting from distant worlds, await us on these days. A spectacle of light, clouds and colours that glow just before darkness and finally go out in it. 

Their sight is majestic, their horns commanding respect and their character wild. On 23.12. our three maremman cows broke free. With combined forces they were recaptured the next day. Benedetta, Doris, Naima and Giulio mastered them. Now they graze contentedly in the spacious paddock called Cervi - close to the barn.

Some hibernate and wake up only to eat. 

We brought some of our horses down into the valley, where the grass is lusher and the temperature milder. 

We are preparing for next season. The road to the valleys has been fixed, Alessandro is making wood for the fireplace, Giulio is training his Maremma horses, Ezio and Sandy are taking bookings for next season, and Fabio is organising courses in permaculture, forest and pasture management to increase their quality in terms of ecosystem value and minimise environmental impact. We are preparing gardens to manage them in permaculture to optimise water consumption, reduce labour and improve the quality of the vegetables. 
We are organising new seminars and courses. Take a look....

Next season we will revive the trail to the Maremma National Park. 
From the heights of our beloved Monte Penna Reserve, we set off for the beaches of the Maremma Park - aka Parco dell'Uccellina. This is one of Tuscany's most famous nature reserves. It is known for its deep-rooted symbolism of this region.

Fabio combines for the first time his knowledge bundled in one course: "Natural riding & Leadership - intuitive and natural being and working with the horse". The essence of the course is how to establish and refine natural and authentic leadership in contact with the horse. This is a unique opportunity for all horse lovers!

And last but not least, we are proud to present an absolute novelty in Cornacchino: A yoga retreat with our horses, riding and groundwork. Monica Gentile, an experienced yoga teacher, and Fabio combine their knowledge and open up new paths for you: come to yourself, find peace, strength and bring your mind and body into harmony. Relaxation and deep breathing happen on your yoga mat and in encounter with the powerful and sensitive nature of horses. Whether as a ride or a lesson, you can concentrate completely on yourself in the combination of yoga, wild and romantic nature and our horses.

Now it's time to be quick and book!  We are looking forward to seeing you! 

Best regards,
  Your Cornacchino Team