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The Pecorino Track - A day ride with cheese and wine tasting!

Riding on the trails of Monte Nebbiaio and Monte Civitella, bathed in green forest light, is in itself the proverbial happiness of the earth. It is now crowned by a delicious cheese and wine tasting at the Caseificio (cheese dairy) Murceti. From now on, Cornacchino offers its guests this extraordinary day ride once a week. A special experience for all senses that you should not miss! 

With love and traditional craftsmanship: the cheese of Murceti

The Caseificio Murceti - this is a picturesque family business located at the foot of the valley between Cornacchino and Castell'Azzara.

The small cheese dairy is the life and work of the Ruffaldi family: Luisa, her husband Emiliano and his parents. Literally, the name Murceti means "little cairns" and refers to the many ancient stone walls in the area. They are all witnesses of an era that sang a song of life less focused on efficiency. Since 2000, that melody has begun to quietly resound there again. In that year, the family bought the first piece of land and began to realize the dream of a species-appropriate pastoral farm and a high-quality cheese factory.

"The cheese dairy allows us to live more in harmony with nature and animals. Even though it is much harder, we love what we do" says Luisa.

Through their hands work, the family today not only preserves a valuable tradition, but also strengthens the bio-cultural diversity of the region. 

Adventure with cheese fun!

The enjoyable day's ride begins in the morning at the Cornacchino stable and leads first through the magical light of the higher woods, later along the so-called Panoramica route with its breathtaking views of the Apennine mountain range.

After about two and a half hours, we reach the Murceti cheese dairy, a little lower down. Immediately, the adventurous riders are purringly ensnared by the cats of the Caseificio. They already know that during the tasting one or the other delicious cheese rind will fall to them.

From the distance of the surrounding pastureland, sound bleating about 80 sheep. A French breed chosen by the family specifically for cheese making.

"How do the holes get into the cheese?"

The tables on the picturesque Murceti porch are already invitingly set. Under cotton cloths, the various cheeses await their presentation. Everyone takes a seat at the tables, which are lovingly decorated with wild flowers, and the show begins: the six different types of Pecorino are served one after the other on plates. This is accompanied by wine from Sassotondo, a nearby winery with excellent organic farming and a wide variety of wines.

With fresh bread and the matching drop, the handmade cheese is discovered with pleasure. Luisa, who once found her way from Bremen via Cornacchino to this unique piece of Tuscany, introduces the guests to the knowledge of the art of cheese making. For everyone is translated and all questions humorously and well-founded answered - even how the holes in the cheese come. A question that already Bertolt Brecht was concerned about.

A crisp salad with fine herbs from the own garden and "Panfritto", a Castellazar speciality, as well as of course the Dolce (fresh yoghurt with forest berry jam), also from own hand, complete the culinary pampering program.

After a short break to relax, you get back on the saddle and ride home to Cornacchino with many new impressions.

On order: Delicious memories of Tuscany

If you wish, you can place an order with Luisa for your favorite cheese, which will be delivered promptly to Cornacchino. All varieties of Sassotondo's formidable wine can be purchased in Cornacchino. This way, you can enjoy a piece of real Tuscany together with your loved ones at home.

By the way: If you don't want to ride, you can also take part in the tasting after a short car ride or a beautiful hike to the Caseificio.  So no guest has to miss out on the delicious experience. 

According to current planning, the cheese fun on horseback takes place once a week. Murceti and Cornacchino are looking forward to meeting you!