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Cornacchino Newsletter October 2022 - "A Family away from home!"

New 2023 programme online! New residents and collaborations.

The tops of the beech, oak and chestnut trees in and around Cornacchino are slowly beginning to change colour. The ground and trees are still unusually green. The cobwebs glisten in the velvety evening light and our fountains are filled again thanks to the rain. The atmosphere is magical. It has its own special quality in autumn. From far and near we hear the roaring of the deer. Here and there a mighty antler flashes through the branches as we ride through the forests.
A lot has happened, so much that we have not kept up with the newsletter. We apologise for this and will now tell you everything that has happened. 

Now it's time to pay attention, because our new programme for 2023 is online! 

From a great, sad farewell in Cornacchino
This summer we said goodbye to our beloved friend and gardener Ilario. Ilario knew Cornacchino from a very different time. We thank him for his being and work.

What else happened? 
The rain did not come and we had to face an unusually large number of challenges in the last few months. A lot of good things have happened, but also a lot that made us sad. 

New cooperations
Finally rain, finally breathing a sigh of relief and a deep green in and around Cornacchino. Not only visually, but also in the form of new projects and cooperations.

An interview with a regular
Going and coming is everyday life in Cornacchino. Especially every Saturday. But some stay longer or come unusually often. Nicole Menten - a regular from Zurich - tells us why this is so. She has visited Cornacchino 15 times in the last 20 years. For her, Cornacchino is "Family away from home!".

Stay well and have a good time - wherever you are! 

Best regards,
Your Cornacchino Team

Editing and texts by Karen Sehling and Isabelle Zahradnyik